Affordable Date Night


If anyone is struggling to keep date night alive, but don’t think you have the funds think again. One way to have a good date night and not break the bank. Try going to the movies during the week instead of the normal Friday or Saturday night.  I know it might be hard to do when you have to work the next morning, but its so worth it.

In my area at the Cinemark Theater, Tuesday is discount day. All day movies are at a discounted rate. The standard movie is around $5.75 depending on your area could be cheaper. This is a big savings from the normal $11-13 for the movie. Its a discount of around 50% of the other weekly movie times and pricing.

If going during the week doesn’t work with your schedule Cinemark also has a Movie Club card for $8.99 a month. With that membership they offer 20% off on concessions snacks and they also waive online fees and you can add a ticket for $8.99. This is a monthly subscription so this is good if you go to the movies a lot.

If there is a local Cinemark theater close to you try it out. Make discount day the new normal for a date night. Until next time.


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